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A powerful tool built to help you conquer complex tasks in a simple way.
Keep life under control and make things happen.

Clean design and uncluttered interface for a simple and easy interaction.
All the cool features: Exploded Views, Collaboration, Bookmarks, Due Dates, Tags, Notes, Customized Shortcuts...
Calendar, Timeline and Activity viewing options with Time Tracking, Completed Tasks and multiple Sorting and Filtering.
Simplista is in its early stages of development, so we advise you not to use it for serious projects. It is not stable nor functional, but it will soon be.

Save time and get things done.

Whether for a personal use or in a professional context, Simplista adapts to all kinds of workflows. And all of that, for free.

All the premium features in just one place.

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Lists, Calendar and Timeline
Many possibilities to view your tasks, handle your schedules and manage all your to-dos.
Collaboration and Delegation
Time Tracking and Activity Reporting

Keep it simple with Simplista.

A complete to-do list to handle all your tasks.