About Simplista

We have always been avid users of task managers and to-do lists, for both personal management and project management in our company. Over the years, we have been trying out countless applications and, though we did like to use some of them, such as Dynalist, Asana, and Clockify, we were always frustrated because none of them could adapt to our work and organization method. None could integrate all the features we need so much to accomplish our personal and professional tasks in a smooth, productive and balanced way.

Because we believe that we should always strive to search for the best tools in order to boost our performance and our maximum organization, and because we already have some knowledge of the real needs in this business, we decided to create our own task manager. Something simple, transparent, clean, with the features we need to keep life on track, save time and get things done. To simply do what has to be done. Effortlessly.

Simplista is born as a monthly challenge of ICÓNICA, launched January 1, 2020, and will always be a work in progress. Simplista meets our needs and expects to meet yours as well.

Why do we believe Simplista makes a difference?

Though there are already several task managers and to-do lists in the market, there is still room for Simplista to meet today’s needs: a clean and simple-to-use app with many free features included. And, on top of that, it's good-looking!

Simple-to-use with robust search and advanced filtering.
Collaborative and flexible, adaptable also to large teams.
Calendar, timeline, time tracking. All in one free app.

Press Resources

Here are some materials about Simplista, such as the logo, texts about our app and our company, promocional images, app screenshots and others. If you need anything more specific, send us an email at geral@iconica.pt.

We would also be very glad to talk to you more about Simplista in an interview and provide more materials.

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